About Sebastian

In 2008 I went for the first time to Thailand 'the land of smiles, I was very curious to try a modality of massage founded over 2500 years ago: the Nuad Thai Boran (Thai massage in Thai), the famous massage which is done with client wearing clothes and without oil. I fell in love in situ with the technique and decided to learn it. From my first school (Wat Po Chetawan) and first style of massage, have followed 4 study trips and 8 further training courses in Chiang Mai, Northen Thailand. Now, after 7 years giving people massages, I can say that what I love most about this beautiful work, is to help people find some real inner peace and deep relaxation through massage. Sometimes in life we experience lots of pressure through the growing demands of modern living. It can make it very hard to ever relax at all and many people are now suffering with burnout, exhaustion and mental anxiety. It’s a joy for me to help people and see how good the feel after being able to let go of all their stress and tension after a good massage. In the near future I am planning to make another study trip to Thailand, in order to improve techniques and then share it with those who really need it on my return. It is my hope that people will be able to experience new relaxing sensations ending up in a healthy habit that will be difficult to quit. My goal is to share with you this knowledge, to provide well-being, a delightful interlude by the massage in your life.


I offer two different massage treatments for the relaxation of the body and mind in order to support a life with more energy and less stress :

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deeply relaxing massage for the back and front of the body, incorporating long flowing strokes, joint manipulation, under body work.

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Thai Yoga Massage

A complete Thai massage incorporates a traditional combination of acupressure, energy meridian work, and yoga-like stretching.

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What I believe in?