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I have been asked several times how I started working as a massage therapist.

13 years ago I had been diagnosed with Crohn disease. I had reached a point of no return with my health and happiness and in the midst of intensive treatments, I found I was suffering more from the side effects of the medication than the disease itself. I realized I had to find another solution and dream for the big picture of my life. I read and researched a lot on the internet. Crohn’s disease is termed an auto immune disorder. In terms of the needs of a Crohn’s patient, I discovered that paleo diet is an excellent option for cases like mine. The absence of dairy and gluten, in addition to the supplements it recommends, like turmeric and L-glutamine allowed me to feel more alive and vibrant that ever before. It is funny to admit that this disease has actually been a blessing for me – A life changer and mind opener… After 4 years of living in a small, narrow minded box and feeling miserable – I finally felt inspired to take control of my happiness and health.

The Loving Hands, Loving Heart contagious effect.

Because I started to feel more healthy and like myself, I opted to travel to Thailand where I fell in love in-situ with the country, its lifestyle and of course Traditional Thai massage. I found Thai Massage to be such a magical bodywork and meditation in motion…I was inspired and I immediately decided, I would learn this beautiful art and dedicate myself to helping others and making them feel better. I call this The Loving Hands, Loving Heart contagious effect.

”You have the body of a BMW but the engine of a Russian Lada?”

During my second study trip to Thailand, I met and studied at the Sunshine School with Trayl Cade ( who at the time was teaching there. One day he invited me to join one of his workout sessions inspired by the work of Ido Portal and Mike Fitch… well back at that time I thought I was in good shape and strong but the reality was indeed more cruel…I love Ido’s perspective. He asks the MODERN fitness world:

What kind of muscles you have? No, what kind of movement patterns you have? can you crawl? can you handstand? can you hang? Can you flip?

’‘Movement was here first, with people hunting, dancing around the fire, climbing, fighting, living. As we became less and less mobile and dynamic through technological advancement, we did not go back to Movement as we should have, we sought out a new, modern ‘cure’ for the disease and it was MODERN FITNESS. But, similar to all of our modern drugs it is incomplete, has side effects and does not solve the underlying problem, it also creates a host of problems of its own’‘

Embracing the massage world was my first move toward a happier and healthier life. The second has been the work inspired by Ido and Mike. I committed to working out differently – smarter and free of a gym. I committed to feeding my body with some FUN medicine movements. No LONGER would I train with the aims on esthetics. I finally saw that those goals mainly feed the ego. However, aiming for MOVEMENT abilities: animal flow locomotion, some floreio from capoeira, gymnastic rings, handstanding, etc…create joy and freedom in the body.
My life gained so much gorgeous color with my new career, my new HEALTHY lifestyle, my commitment to being Happy and crying it out loud, my creative healthy food habits. my commitment to the beauty of this world, my friends, some vitamin sunshine, barefoot walking, yoga, meditation by the beach, bodysurfing, and on and on. Living in Joy!

And now, after now 12 years of all of these dedicated changes, including my work to the massage and bodywork field, I am happier and healthier than ever. Of course it is a hard and physical demanding job but the level of fulfillment in its relaxing effects on others is so much more rewarding. (Translated from French to English by Sarra Kaufman)

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