” I believe that making people feel deeply touched and appreciated will have a profound effect on the nervous system and allow the muscles to relax and create an environment of healing and re-balancing. How you do this is very personal and the approach you choose may vary depending on how you have been trained ,who influences you and your own experiences which change over time.

I believe that beautiful honest well meaning touch is a catalyst for all the right signals to be sent throughout the body to begin a process of letting go and relaxation. Relaxation is a very underrated term but to me it is the essence of what I am trying to achieve.If I can get you to relax then I have achieved my goal. After 20 minutes when I see my client breathing deeply and hopefully snoring I know they have let go and my massage will encourage all sorts of chemicals to be released that will flood the circulatory system and bring about a sense of calm and restoration. This does not mean that my massage is light on the contrary it is firm and quite deep but never to the point that it induces pain.

Just love touching people , give it your heart and soul, follow your own direction and passion, believe in the power of good touch and you will have a fantastic job satisfaction and very happy clients. ”

By my dear friend and teacher, Trayl Cade.

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