Deep Tissue Massage

My style of massage has been deeply inspired by Trayl Cade Aitken, my mentor, great therapist and very charismatic South African massage teacher which has developed over the last 10 years of working a unique style of Deep Tissue oil massage.

This fluid, rhythmical and nurturing massage will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and renewed.

It´s a deeply relaxing massage that target deeper layers of muscles with slow long deep strokes where you begin with a long touch from the foot, up the body, to the head, down the arms to the hands and back and to the foot again. This integrating the body so that the person we have touched can feel that their body is united as opposed to separated.

Lots of under body work, pumping and movement sliding over and micro stretching the areas of tension allowing the nervous system to relax and send messages to the body to relax. The advantage and beauty of oil massage is that it allows you to slide and glide up and down the muscles following the flow of blood, lymph and energy and promoting this flow in both directions.

Relaxation is the art of letting go.

As many painful conditions are also a result of stress and this can be in the form of a stressful lifestyle (demanding job, deadlines, poor diet, not enough sleep…) and poor movement especially repetitive movements which stress the same muscles and joints leading to muscle imbalances and compensation patterns.

The Deep tissue oil massage is practiced on a table massage / 1H and 1H30 minutes sessions

With intention and purpose as the well-being and relaxation of the person, the techniques used in the absence of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment are nothing similar, neither in content nor in the objectives, the practice of physiotherapy, osteopathy or any medical practice.