Ethics, Policies & massage tips.

With intention and purpose as the well-being and relaxation of the person, the techniques used in the absence of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment are nothing similar, neither in content nor in the objectives to the practice of physiotherapy, osteopathy or any medical practice.


Policies / Ethics:

-The sessions are conducted with full respect for your physical and moral integrity.

-Respect the right to modesty and privacy of each person being massaged.

-I agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information about you.

-I reserve the right, if necessary, to refuse the treatment for conditions such as

(fever, recent broken bone, disease.,etc…)

-My massages are designed for comfort and relaxation only, no medical or sexual.

-it is advisable to eat the latest one hour prior to the massage

-For the Thai massage please bring comfortable clothes, gym type, preferably cotton.

-Please attend the session in good hygienic conditions.

-Due to the timetabling of other clients, Please be punctual.

-Please give me at least 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, or if no notice is given, I reserve the right to charge you 50% of your treatment price.


While massage to most areas of the body is beneficial at most times, there are circumstances in which the massage should be modified or altogether avoided. Contraindications are situations in which massage could aggravate or jeopardize the health problem.

All massages offered are strongly discouraged in the following cases:

Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, fracture, recent surgery, diabetes, cancer, feverish state. Pregnant women and people suffering from depression,etc…



Do I have to get completely undressed in my deep tissue oil massage session?

Some people do choose to completely undress for their massage. Others choose to leave their underwear on.
The choice is yours. The MOST important thing is that you are comfortable, so being completely undressed is not mandatory but unlike a regular massage that is done on one section of the body at a time (back, legs, etc.) my massage technique is mostly done on the entire body at once so anything you do wear will interfere with the long flowing strokes and will therefore diminish your experience.(Your clothing will also get oil on it.)
You will be draped with a towel to cover the genitals and buttocks (face up women will be offered breast covering)

Put on your skin what you would put in your mouth.

The oil I like to use is coconut oil or grape seed oil and the ingredients are 100% natural plant-based. As a general rule of thumb I like to follow the statement “if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin” and it makes sense to know a bit about the oils you are using and shows you care about the health of the person being massaged. For many years I was not aware of how important it is to use oils with a high smoke point and that do not denature and become toxic to the body.

4 Ways to Maximise the Benefits of your Massage

1. Stay hydrated
This is extraordinarily important both before and after the massage.
Good hydration will make it easier for the therapist to work on you.  Also, drinking plenty of water after your treatment will help flush any toxins that might have been released during the massage.

2. Communicate your needs and interests in advance so that your therapist knows what kind of experience you are looking for. This will help make sure that all areas of concern are addressed.

3. Make sure that you keep those lines of communication open during your massage – don’t suffer through pain thinking you’ll feel better afterwards. Additionally, let your therapist know if something is working particularly well for you. Therapists love positive feedback!

4. Schedule your massage for a time of day when you won’t have to rush off afterwards.  Factor in time to enjoy the benefits of your massage. (Courtesy of Amy’s Massage Haven)